Monday, March 3, 2014

Peter Green - End Of The Game / In The Skies

Snow day Peter Green.  Melody Maker magazine said in 1970 that this record was “certainly the most disturbing album release this year”  End Of The Game - kills and it has a pretty progressive font for early 70's.  Greens first solo record after leaving Fleetwood Mac and recorded a couple years after he took the dose of acid in munich that did him in.  Album is a total improvisation with some random jazz musicians he met who were recording at the studio.   Got this record at Red Onion in DC thanks Josh.  Bottoms up.  

In The Skies - some spanish pressing.  Came out in 79 and not as strange or intriguing as end of the game but has some real good songs on it.  Fool No More is great.  His pic on the back is real good too.  

End Of The Game

 In The Skies

End Of The Game - 

In The Skies - 

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  1. thanks, i only heard about the end of the game recently, it's good to hear it x wonderful musician peter green x