Monday, August 18, 2014

Kentucky Bluegrass Gospel

J.D. Jarvis & Rusty York - Rural Rhythm - Blue Grass Gospel Songs

J.D. Jarvis saw combat in WWII (including taking part in Normandy on D-Day) and won three purple hearts before returning to Clay Co. Kentucky to record somewhere in the ballpark of 45 records.

Rusty York plays all over this thing. He's from Harlan Co. and I guess ended up with some bigger success in the Rockabilly world but eventually ended up focusing on Bluegrass and Country and later formed Jewell Records run out of Cincinnati. Guessing he's behind the dobro on this - which really rounds this thing out.

Almost Home ...

There are some very nice songs on this one and Im still trying to find more.

Local Paper Story

J.D. Jarvis & Rusty York - Rural Rhythm - Blue Grass Gospel Songs



Ernest Martin - Road Of No Return

This isnt the first album Ive posted of Martin - his Pine Tree LP is on here as well and is so good.

My friend Cassie Lopez lives in Lexington KY and when I found out a copy of this was in the University Library there I asked her if she could check it out and rip it for me - so thanks Cassie!
This record is less bluegrass then the other stuff Ive heard - and the tunes that have Martin on the Organ are particularly nice.  Living Where The Milk And Honey Flow - has been on my stereo for a week now.

Thanks for liberating this from that cold basement Cassie.

Ernest Martin - Road Of No Return

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Charlie Monroe Live

Finally opened this guy up.  Nice live show.  Back cover reads 

December 7 1974 was one of the great days for bluegrass fans.  Price Enterprises, Inc. gave a benefit show for Charlie Monroe, One of the founders of bluegrass music and also brother to Bill Monroe.  The benefit took place at Lake Norman Music Hall in Terrel North Carolina.

Charlie Had been in very poor health so it was quite a shock when he appeared on the stage.  To the surprise and amazement of the audience Brother Burch Monroe also made an appearance.  The response was unbelievable. People were crying, cheering, and laughing because the sound of the original Monroe Brothers was being seen and heard once again.  

I called Bob Davis of Davis Sound Productions in Charlotte and asked him if he would come an tape the show.  After convincing Bob that it was the "real" Charlie Monroe he hurried up to Terrel and set up the equipment.  This album is a result of that taping session.  
People came from all over to see and hear these old time greats.  Paul "Moon" Mullins of WPFB in Middletown, Ohio and Grant Turner of WSMN Nashville were a great help in promoting the show.  Many thanks to them and also the other bands to donated their time and talent to make the show a success.

Charlie was born in Rosene, Kentucky and now resides in Reidsville North Carolina with his lovely wife Martha and his pack of fine fox hounds.  He plays some show and Bluegrass festivals.  His great rapport with an audience comes through even on record.  Im sure that after this listening to this album you'll agree with me.  

Yours for Bluegrass,

Bill Price

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bluegrass Gospel #1

This stuff is really all I want to put on these days.  For about a year Ive been trying to dig through everything and find the stuff that I really like and here is a little bit of that in 20 songs.

For whole album rips or anything else just ask me - hope you like it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Joe Bussard Tape - Unknown Artist 1927 ?

In June 2011 I went to Joe Bussards house with my buddy Van.  We stayed the whole day - went to lunch - watched a couple hours of Laurel and Hardy / W. C. Fields / and a documentary about UFOs.
After that we listened to records and Van eventually asked Joe if he would make him a tape of this unknown artists he had the masters for that he played for us.  Van ripped it for me and Im gonna put that up here - hope you enjoy it - only 6 tracks of the man - sometimes two women singing spirituals.  Thanks van!

Friday, March 28, 2014

V/A - Preachin' Prayin' Shoutin' And Singin' & Jim Eanes and his Shenandoah Valley Quartet

Got a better set up for ripping records so these will sound better.

First record is a compilation from Starday that came out in 1959 called V/A - Preachin' Prayin' Shoutin' And Singin'.  Covers real fucked up but it still plays.  Some real nice stuff scattered on here.  

Second record is on the Outlet Label out of Rocky Mount Virginia (If anyone has any of the weirder stuff on Outlet let me know I wanna track that shit down) My Dude Jim Eanes and his Shenandoah Valley Quartet 1977.  Seems like Jim took some of Red Smileys band members after his retirement and used the same band name for this record.  Like the cover.


V/A - Preachin' Prayin' Shoutin' And Singin''_Prayin'_Shoutin'_And_Singin'.zip

Jim Eanes and his Shenandoah Valley Quartet

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Early Upchurch and the Friendly Quartet - Everybody Will Be Happy Over There

First - Thanks for Matt for getting me a copy of this.  One of my favorites.  I posted one of Early's records a couple months ago - this one is significantly weirder. . .  His then 9 year old daughter sings on a lot of the album - "I wont be an orphan in glory" is an especially heavy one.  Back jacket reads...

"This album includes Kath Upchurch's favorites.  Lots of these songs are recited by Kathy.  In 1966, she won the trophy for the most promising talent.  She is loved by the young and old.  She has had three records to reach the top in many states.  Such songs as: God Forgive Me When I Whine, Jordan River, and Phone Call To Heaven.  We believe that some of these songs will repeat.  Kathy is now nine (9) years old.  She Sincerely hopes that everyone will enjoy this album.
Matthew Rigney, is well know through many states for his guitar picking.  Also Matthew sings bass or alto sometimes soprano.  Matthew is loved by all because of his fine hospitlity (sic).  You will hear his electric guitar, which takes many leads in this album.  Matthew Rigney, Mount Airy, North Carolina.
Early Upchurch, has been recording gospel records for eight (8) years.  Some of his great songs has been : Paul's Ministry, Where the Shades of Love Lie Deep, and I just Dropped By.  This particular song was in the top twenty in the month of september 1968.  Doris Kidd of Monticello, Kentucky was helping Early on this particular song.  Early and Kathy Upchurch travels many thousands of miles each year throughout the country and cities singing the gospel songs.  To people that enjoy country hymns, we sincerly hope you people that hear this album get a great blessing from them.

Early Upchurch
Route 3
Mount Airy, N.C."

Musician List
Early Upchurch and the Friendly Quartet backed up by; The Border Mountain Boys

Jimmy Holder
Box 53, Clemmons, N.C.
Plays mandolin and is the manager of the Border Mountain Boys

Carl Grey Joyner 
Route 2, Yadkinville, N.C.
Plays the Fiddle

Bobby Kiger
Route 2, Rural Hall, N.C.
Plays Guitar

F.G. Buck Arrington
Route1, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Cullen Galyean
Route 1, Low Gap, N.C.
Plays the Banjo

Early Upchurch - Everybody Will Be Happy Over There