Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Charlie Monroe Live

Finally opened this guy up.  Nice live show.  Back cover reads 

December 7 1974 was one of the great days for bluegrass fans.  Price Enterprises, Inc. gave a benefit show for Charlie Monroe, One of the founders of bluegrass music and also brother to Bill Monroe.  The benefit took place at Lake Norman Music Hall in Terrel North Carolina.

Charlie Had been in very poor health so it was quite a shock when he appeared on the stage.  To the surprise and amazement of the audience Brother Burch Monroe also made an appearance.  The response was unbelievable. People were crying, cheering, and laughing because the sound of the original Monroe Brothers was being seen and heard once again.  

I called Bob Davis of Davis Sound Productions in Charlotte and asked him if he would come an tape the show.  After convincing Bob that it was the "real" Charlie Monroe he hurried up to Terrel and set up the equipment.  This album is a result of that taping session.  
People came from all over to see and hear these old time greats.  Paul "Moon" Mullins of WPFB in Middletown, Ohio and Grant Turner of WSMN Nashville were a great help in promoting the show.  Many thanks to them and also the other bands to donated their time and talent to make the show a success.

Charlie was born in Rosene, Kentucky and now resides in Reidsville North Carolina with his lovely wife Martha and his pack of fine fox hounds.  He plays some show and Bluegrass festivals.  His great rapport with an audience comes through even on record.  Im sure that after this listening to this album you'll agree with me.  

Yours for Bluegrass,

Bill Price 


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