Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lester Eller - Travelers Rest S.C. 45

My friend Joe Shirley in Greenville South Carolina just sent this to me a couple days ago. Neither of us can find any info on Lester on the internet. Only info on the disc is for P.O. Box 374 Travelers Rest S.C. The Fox Chase is a straight burner.


  1. Nice one....I know that a few different versions of Fox Chase appear on the 2nd Art of Field Recordings box set on Dust-to-Digital, and one or both of those box sets has several recordings by different folks named Eller. Course there are prolly a lot of Ellers out there. Anyways, both of those boxes are mindblowingly essential. thanks,andrew

  2. This is a Kall release that I did not know about , great find . Here is my Blog on Kall Records .
    Hope you don't mind but have lifted the 'Fox Chase' label shot for the site with full credit to you.

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