Wednesday, July 24, 2013

White Cloud - White Cloud

I was at Chad's records in Chattanooga and found this guy - sticker said "rare country psych - good 1972".  So I was like cool.  Turned out it was Thomas Jefferson Kayes band on Nashville's Good Medicine label (a subsidiary of Starday-King)? .  He produced Link Wray - Gene Clark - and the first tune on this is all cried out - that was on Links Be What You Want To.  The jacket to the LP is textured snakeskin and pasted illustration of band.  Whole record is good except the 2nd song on A side - cheeseball Hound Dog.  Thanks for Nothin', All Cried Out, and Hoe-Bus (pre recording to his first solo rec) are great.
"The sun don't shine the same on every doggie's ass . . . ."

Kaye "Dont Look At It"